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The Main Exercises of the Chi Kung

(A) The 17 Motions Of The Health Sport

(B) The Training In The Physical Strength

(C) The Training In Increasing The Bio-energy Of The Human Body

(D) The Training In The Spirit


(A) The 17 Motions Of The Health Sport

The reason why the exercise is called ‘Bio-Energy Medical Chi-kung’ is because human body is a biological organism with electricity. Every cell and every muscular tissue has electrical activities, therefore, different medical instruments such as electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram and electromyogram ,etc.

are applied to treatments.The magnetic waves transmitted by the earth day and night interact with the iron in the red corpuscle of the human body. The drastic motion produced by their mutual response and attraction forms the normal circulatory system of blood in the body.

The universe has an infinite ‘ecological energy field’. Life itself is an electromagnetic embryo field, too. They fluctuate and radiate energy ceaselessly with certain frequency respectively. Everything in the nature is formed by this magnetic energy field. We must train ourselves to gather the high-energy electronic potential in the universe and then transform it into ' the biological photon ' energy from which the photoelectric effect takes place. Again, it connects magnetoelectricity with every organism or material in the external environment and radiates with energy flow each other. The balance of biological energy is finished by this radiation. It is well understood that all lives, such as the internal organs, trunk, four limbs, etc. in the human body, are governed by the nerves, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in the nervous system have both confronting and balancing functions each other in the functional movements of the body, which keep your body balanced, unified, steady, and healthy. The ‘Bio-Energy Medical Chi-Kung’ bases its training on this principle and uses the theory of “negative and positive balance which everything maintains “ to enhance physical and mental health and to prevent diseases as its objective.

The characteristics of the motions in the exercise
The exercise is both dynamic and static. When the exercise is practiced, dynamic motions follow static ones. It has the basic motions of training in cultivation such as “To Inhale O2 by Exhaling Co2 through Your Mouth”. and “To gather Energy in the Pubic region through the Nose” etc,. It can make the diaphragm, praised as the second heart of the body, more flexible and increase the lung capacity, which benefits the function of the heart and the lungs greatly; it can enhance the electronic potential of nerve cells to charge, adjust, reassemble, or eliminate the electron of the abnormal cells and make them return to normal, because only in normal state they can keep the electronic balance with other normal cells to reach the effects of preventing diseases and strengthening the body. It still can enhance the oxygen amount of brain and increase its blood flow to prevent the old man from suffering from dementia, to keep their mental power, intelligence, memory, judgment, and comprehension from abating and to get rid of such obstacles as endocrine, blood vessels and nervous system caused by brain pathological changes and some happenings in spiritual activity fields.

About the dynamic exercise, we create a series of motions which are suitable for all ages, are easy to learn, gather energy quickly and produce fast effects. If ‘the young man’ practices the exercise, his physique will be stronger; his muscle will be well developed; his body will be well shaped in form; his skin will be smoother, tougher, and more tensile and his sebaceous glands will be vigorously secreted. All of these help the development of his skeletons and physique. If ‘the elderly’ practices the exercise, his senility will be delayed and his immunity will be enhanced to prevent him from suffering the disease. It has the function of preventing the disease, strengthening the body, improving the physique, relieving you from being weak, promoting longevity and keeping you from growing old quickly. It is rightly called that you should make an effort to keep good health in your youth and you will not be sad for your poor health when you grow old. It is never too early to keep good health. If you expect to prolong your life, you should always spend your time taking care of your body.

This exercise is divided into two parts, namely, 17 dynamic motions and 15 finishing movements. There are the methods of rubbing internal organs by your own efforts, the methods of prolonging longevity by accumulating energy and the methods of guiding mechanics by dynamics. It is a training method in which spirit, ideas, energy, and strength are included. It can make a practitioner concentrate his spirit and his ideas. The practitioner can exercise his internal organs to make blood and energy flow without obstruction, and exercise his external flesh, bones, sinews and marrow to make the limbs, muscles and joints flexible and enhance the tension and extension of muscles and tendon, which can prevent the stiffness and degradation of the bones and sinews. Therefore, it is a set of good exercises in “ keeping good health, strengthening the body and prolonging the life”.

The order of the exercise is characterized by its continuity, systematization, and the mutually-linked motions. All of the motions form a connected group of best health care.

Dynamic balance: the exercise has both dynamic and static characteristic. Its training takes both inward and outward parts of the body into equal consideration. Its practice tempers toughness with gentleness. Real force and unreal force are properly arranged. Energy and strength help each other. Its functions complement each other and have multi-ductility.

It is safe for people of all ages and both sexes to practice the exercise. It is convenient and easy to learn it, too. If you are sick, it is helpful in improving your illness. If you are healthy, it benefits your health. After a long period of training, you can accumulate your energy and essence and release it to guide energy for others as you please, which is helpful in regaining their health.

In the text, we introduce the ‘Bio-Energy Medical Chi-Kung: the 17 motions of the health care exercise’ in the expectation that readers have one more sport and reference to choose. Life is priceless. The lost time would not return to look back on our youth any more. Money, title, power and desire are consuming our energy and health day by day. No heroes from ancient times can escape such a natural enemy as the serious illness. Why can’t he accomplish his great ambition? Having passed the middle age, a man is falling in physical power. His vitality is declining. Birth, growth and senility are the law of nature. Time and tide wait for no man. Only if you are in good health, you can create the happiness. You should spend a little time practicing the health care Chi-Kung exercise which benefits you mentally and physically. It is expected that everybody is far away from illness and create the health of the people and a blissful society. No good deed is better than this.


The 17 dynamic motions of the exercise are named as followed
  1. Inhaling O2 by Exhaling Co2 through your Mouth Moderately.
  2. Gathering Energy in the Pubic region.
  3. Gathering Energy by Standing on Toes and heels in turn.
  4. Waving your Waist Left after Right with your Legs Clamped.
  5. Gathering Energy by Walking Where you Stand with your Navel Held by your Crossed Palms.
  6. Gathering Energy by Swinging your Hands Forward and Backward.
  7. Gathering Energy by Moving as if you Turned a Millstone.
  8. Gathering Energy by Moving like a Pupa.
  9. Gathering Energy by Practicing as if a Toad Swam.
  10. Gathering Energy by Swinging your Arms Upward and Downward.
  11. Expanding your Arms.
  12. Swinging your Arms around in three Different Ways.
  13. Turning your Waist and Buttocks with your Elbow Crooked.
  14. Moving your Belly Counter-Clockwise after Clockwise.
  15. Pushing your Palms in Four Different Directions.
  16. Rotating your Spine and Joints.
  17. Trembling.

The 15 finishing movements of the exercise are named as followed
  1. To Rub your Face.
  2. To Massage your Eye Pits and Rub the Temple.
  3. To Rub and Knead on the Place behind Your Eyes.
  4. To Pat the Head.
  5. To Rub and Draw the Ears with Your Fingers.
  6. To Rub you in the Back Neck.
  7. To Rub you in the Front Neck.
  8. To Pat you on the Chest and its Back.
  9. To Pat you on the Waist and the Belly.
  10. To Pat you on the Ribs under the Arms.
  11. To Pat you on the Legs and Waist.
  12. To Rotate your Knees.
  13. To Stand Kicking.
  14. To Rotate your Eyeballs.
  15. 15. To Rotate the Cervical Vertebra.

Practicing the 17 motions can enhance the effect of muscular thermosense
“The 17 motions of the health sport” of bio-energy medical Chi Kung is a series of movements of systemically muscular groups, which can generate the effect of thermosense to achieve the effect of bodily natural self-treatment.

The exercise includes ten movements such as lifting, swinging, moving like a pupa, moving hands as if to swim the breast stroke, flinging, expanding, turning, pushing and rotating. The movements of the especially muscular groups have their own different functions, which produce the lifting and propelling motive force to lift and stretch muscles upwards constantly by means of the reversal movements of anti-gravitation to activate skeletons and joints to resist the gravitation. Because the anti-gravitation of the muscles depends on their tense and extensive functions. meanwhile, it also has the effect of resisting aging and preventing diseases constantly to keep you in good health.

To those who can persist in spending certain time practicing the exercise every day, they must be able to keep him in a certain body temperature, enhance the electric potential of his nerves and muscles, increase the muscular tension and endurance, prevent myasthenia and osteoporosis, purify the blood, expand the capillaries, adjust the metabolism, enhance the function of the immune system, then improve the overall functional condition of human body, and finally reach the stage of human health index.

If we can enhance the bodily thermosense, the blood flow of microcirculation and metabolism, and the naturally rehabilitative ability of the body by practicing the exercise of the Chi Kung sport, it must have the function to improve various kind of chronic diseases. Especially, the symptoms of the cold sensation from insufficient heat energy or hypothermia will disappear after practicing the exercise in muscular groups for a period of time, and immediately enhance the thermal energy to generate the effect of the thermal feeling, which will reduce the risk of suffering from diseases and achieve the purpose of preventing or resisting them, and then improve the physique to create the vigor of life.


Hints when exercising
After several days of practicing the exercise, a practitioner’s internal secretion may tend to be exuberant. His appetite may increase. His intestines may wriggle faster, he would break wind repeatedly. His spirit will take a better turn. Some people will sleep less than usual for practicing it, but they will still feel fine all day long. When practicing, the body temperature is enhanced; the secretion of the sweat gland is vigorous; saliva is increased and so on. Some people may appear ill temporarily. All of these are the natural physiological reactions of the human body. They will come back to their normal conditions in no time. The normal reactions are that the Baihuei point in the top of the head will have a slightly convulsionary sense; the perineum or the reproductive organ will vibrate; the place at the top of the nose bridge will be tight; the face, the scalp and the skin will have an itching feeling as if ants crawled on them; The tip of tongue will be tremblingly numb as if the electric current went through the body.

All of these are natural phenomena. The phenomenon is different according to the individual. There is no need for a practitioner to be afraid of it. Let things take their natural course. At the initial period of sitting in meditation, there are extraordinarily many absurd ideas in a beginner’s mind, which appear and disappear in a transient and constantly changing way. After a period of exercises, the absurd ideas born during the transition period will stop naturally, and the beginner will fall into a tranquil mood, too.

Practicing the static exercise to a certain degree, you will feel a little warm in your pubic region; you will feel like boiling water in your waist, back and kidneys; you will feel a little windy behind your ears; you will feel the cry behind your brain; a flash of light will appear sometimes when you shut your eyes a little; your body will have a welling-up feeling; your nose will have muscular spasms; your saliva will come forth like a spring. The energy will flow through your body abundantly, which comes up and down all of a sudden. The fragrance of your breath makes you comfortable incomparably. When you practice the exercise to such a degree, you should continue your training with perseverance so that you can enhance your spirit and mind to a higher level.

  1. When you practice the exercise in a group, you should turn off your cell phone; you shouldn’t talk or laugh merrily to avoid having a passing pain in the side or chest, which will cause your discomfort easily. When you practice it at home, you had better do it in a silent room. Do not speak to others and you should close your cell phone and telephone, too.
  2. If you have to stop your exercise for something when you are in the middle of practicing it, remember to do the finishing movements briefly in order to avoid being dizzy or feeling stuffy in the chest before you leave, . The procedure of the finishing movements are as follows: (1) to rub your palms (2) to wipe your face with your palms (3) to pat or comb your head (4) to rub your front neck after rubbing your back one (5) to rub the middle of your back several times with your clenched fist (6) to exhale with your back put straight after inhaling with your body bent down (7) to kick legs (8) to leave.
  3. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable when practicing the exercise, you must come to a halt. You have to squat down or lie down for a rest and press neiguan point or hoku point or ask others to press it for you until you feel better before you leave.
  4. If you are frightened suddenly in the middle of practicing the exercise, you must stop it at once. And then relax yourself before opening your mouth to exhale with your diaphragm pressed down and imaging your blood and energy flow downwards. If you do so, your headache, and Cerebral hypertension can be avoided.
  5. Drink boiled water before and after practicing the exercise. Drink less before doing it, and drink more after doing it. You had better drink lukewarm boiled water to promote the metabolism, which can enhance the function of draining away the sweat to expelling endotoxin from your body.
  6. Dining and practicing the exercise should be at more than half an hourly intervals. Do not practice it soon after dining. It is the best opportunity to practice it in a half hungry state.
  7. If you’d like to take a bath after the exercise, you had better wash your body with hot water rather than with cold water.
  8. Stop the exercise if you are weak or uncomfortable owing that you are in a pregnant or physiological period of time, or suffer from a bad cold or other diseases. If you’d like to practice it, please do more relaxed or lighter body movement primarily.
  9. Stop the exercise if you are in an extremely unsteady mood. For example, you are badly stimulated, or you are in a state of great joy, great anger, big sorrow, deep meditation, great sadness, great terror or great fright, or it is extremely hot, a blizzard, a thunderstorm or lightning.
  10. Do not practice the exercise in a badly air-polluted or an air-thickened place, or near a high-voltage tower.
  11. It is suggested that practitioners exercise inside a room, if it is raining heavily, blowing wind strongly , getting hot severely, getting wet excessively, or getting cold extremely, or the difference of the temperature is overly great.
  12. Those who are well-advanced in years, recovering their health from serious illness or surgery and the handicapped should lay emphasis on activating their limbs and trucks in a light way when practicing the exercise at the beginning, and then increase the strength of their movement gradually.
  13. If your constitution is comparatively weak, you should practice the exercise in a gradual way. The time and the quantity of your exercise should increase gradually. If you are patient, you could avoid unnecessary incidents. Remember the saying: “Haste makes waste.” To abide by the hints of the exercise can prevent you from unnecessary happenings. Study the exercise in a relieved and persistent way, and you could keep good health in mind and body, have a blissful family and make progress in the skill of the exercise day by day. Do unto others what you do unto yourself. Would that everybody could spread the beneficial sport here and there. Everybody enjoys the good health in mind and body as you do. Let us build a healthy sport for the whole people and an auspicious and joyful society.